Yes it is true we will guarantee our bulls for 4 years! If you pay good money for a bull, he should last you 4 years. Lucky 7 Angus was founded because seedstock producers were not raising bulls that worked for commercial cattlemen. Our number one goal is to make bulls that will hold up and profit ranchers in tough conditions. Ranchers purchasing our bulls are replacing fewer bulls each year. If you figure bulls raised by other breeders are lasting less than 2 1/2 years, on a national average, there is a huge economic difference between our program and theirs. How much more could you pay for a top bull knowing he would last 4 years? And how much better could you manage your budget and your genetics? Knowing the average longevity of bulls from most breeders, this could easily be worth $2000-5000/bull. As the industry leader, we specialize in breeding and raising bulls capable of holding up, lasting longer and taking tougher conditions. Lucky 7 Angus is the first seedstock producer to raise the bar and offer a 4 year guarantee. We hope that others who claim to have bulls which can do the same will step up to the plate.

No matter if you buy the first bull through the ring or the last, you can rest assured that he and his mother have been tested in harsh, more real world conditions 365 days a year, year after year, than any other seed stock producer's cattle. There is no guessing what Lucky 7 Angus bulls can do on your ranch. They are developed in a way that makes them more durable and range ready than any other bulls. They are "real world" tested and sell with the Nation's only 4 year guarantee to prove it.

(We have been offering this 4 year Guarantee since 2009. It is amazing how well it has worked for both our buyers and Lucky 7 Angus. We hoped it would be an industry changer and all seed stock producers would have to follow suit, forcing them to raise their bulls on less corn, and in more practical conditions. As of now only one other producer has been able to do so, DeGrand Angus, Baker MT. It troubles us to see so many bull sellers advertising that they have changed their program. They are feeding less corn and the bulls hold up better. Yet, they are not capable of offering a 4 year guarantee. It appears they have just changed their advertising! Please let them know they are welcome to use our 4 year guarantee for their program. Step on their toes a little, force them to stop talking and start implementing. Let's change the industry together and make a 4 year guarantee on bulls the standard. I promise you it will force all bulls to become much better for you, and your ranch will profit from it.).

Details and conditions of 4 Year Guarantee are printed in our annual sale catalog!

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"Even though we are a five generation family ranch, we understand that to stay in business we have to become better businessmen. Live cattle futures and corn futures will control how much your calves are worth, and you need to understand their importance."

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